K to 8

I had to work to make this photo gallery happen. Back when we started homeschooling in 2008, I didn’t even really know how to put pictures on my blog! Because the pictures weren’t archived here, I really had to dig to find them, but here they are…Turkey and Bunny, together on every first day of school from kindergarten in 2008 through eighth grade in 2016!

And a final two pictures…Turkey and Bunny on the last day of kindergarten in 2009, and today, the last day of eighth grade!

This has been an amazing journey, that we’ve always taken on a year-by-year basis. But we’re not done yet…this fall, we begin a new homeschooling journey, as we begin high school here at home!

2016-17 Curriculum

I had such good intentions to share this at the beginning of the school year this time, but you know how it goes. As always, I’m hoping this list is fairly complete, but it’s easy to forget resources we used way back in August and September! Anyway, this is at least a pretty decent overview of the materials we’ve used this school year.



Language Arts

For Turkey and Bunny

For Ladybug



For Turkey and Bunny

For Ladybug

Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library (for Chickadee)



Literature (with accompanying Memoria Press study guides where available)

For Fun