2012-2013 Curriculum

I’m trying something new this year…I put our curriculum together myself! I needed to find something for Turkey and Bunny’s fourth grade year, and Ladybug’s kindergarten year. I wanted some things they could do together, and some grade-appropriate things, and I also wanted to continue the survey of American History that we began last year. I don’t think I’ll be doing this assembly every year…I just couldn’t find what I was looking for this time around, so I decided to try it myself. Never say never, though…if it goes well, maybe I’ll look into doing it again in the future!



Language Arts

For Turkey and Bunny:

For Ladybug:

Latin (Only Turkey and Bunny will have formal Latin studies, but Ladybug is welcome to listen along and absorb vocabulary!)

History/Geography–We’re studying the Civil War to the present day. I tried to make sure every decade from then to now was covered either in a history book or a read-aloud.



Read-Alouds–I’m not sure we’ll get to all of these, but whatever we don’t read out loud will be turned into book basket selections.

Bonus Read-Alouds (a few special titles I specifically wanted to share with Ladybug in her Kindergarten year, in addition to our regular read-alouds.)

Hopefully I didn’t leave any books (or whole subjects!) out. I won’t even try to list all of the book basket titles we’ll be using, but some of the series will include You Wouldn’t Want to…, If You…, Childhood of Famous AmericansWho Was…?, and multiple American Girl series (those focusing on historical, albeit fictional, characters Addy, Samantha, Rebecca, Kit, Molly, and Julie). This list also doesn’t include the books we’ll be using for our Thanksgiving and Christmas units…and those lists are plenty extensive themselves!

Third Grade: Week Sixteen Wrap-Up

Running late with this wrap-up…it’s been a very busy, tiring few days!

This was a very busy week, as I had two doctor’s appointments and a parent/teacher conference to go to during our regularly scheduled school time. Fortunately, we only had one (relatively easy) new concept introduced in math this week, so Turkey and Bunny could work on that, and their other workbooks, (spelling, grammar, and handwriting), while I was otherwise occupied. I know some homeschoolers are really opposed to workbooks, but I like them for several reasons. First of all, while I’m not a fan of busy work, I do like work, and workbooks are a concise, already assembled way of assigning on-topic work. They also provide students a chance to work independently, with only occasional guidance from the teacher. Workbooks and worksheets are also good for demonstrating progress, as well as showing skills that have been learned.

We continued with our state sheets this week, but they’re slowing down a bit, for now at least, as we’re also learning about some famous Americans. This week, we learned about Daniel Boone. Turkey and Bunny really liked his story, especially the part where he named his gun, (however, I was disappointed that he didn’t call her Vera!). It was also interesting to point out that while Daniel Boone was exploring, the American Revolution was really just beginning. It’s easy to assume that any westward expansion must have occurred after America declared her independence, but this simply isn’t true!

Bunny and Ladybug got an extra school lesson when they helped me make chili for our church’s chili cook-off on Friday. This is another one of those things about homeschooling that I love. If they weren’t learning at home, they wouldn’t have even been here when I started making it, much less able to help. Bunny worked on alphabetizing, (there were many spices necessary for my recipe), measuring, and general cooking, while Ladybug worked on counting and grouping and regrouping. They had a great time, and didn’t even notice that I was throwing school work their way, and I got some extra help in the kitchen. Talk about a win-win situation!

Speaking of Ladybug, I may have to come up with another title for this weekly wrap-up. She’s starting to transition from pre-school activities to full-fledged kindergarten work. She’s working on the Explode the Code primers now, (if there ever was a “workbook kid,” it’s Ladybug!), which gives her practice on letter sounds and handwriting. She’s also doing some general kindergarten activities in other workbooks, at her discretion–she found them on the shelf and wanted to do them, and as long as she’s interested, who am I to argue? She’s showing some interest in learning to read, but I haven’t decided if I want to get started with that before Chickadee is born, because there will be a big disruption to our school schedule for at least a month there. She’s also doing counting activities and pattern blocks, and continues to listen in to all of our third grade read-alouds. So, for a four-year-old, she actually doing a lot of work, but it’s all pretty self-motivated.