A New Ghost Sign?

I realize the ridiculousness of using the word “new” to describe a ghost sign, but this one is new to me…I think? I don’t remember seeing this Estey Piano advertisement on Main Street in downtown Belleville before, so maybe it was covered up until recently. Or maybe it’s been there all along, and I just now noticed it. Could be a fresh sign done in a retro style? At any rate, I really like this one!

Main Street Ghost Sign

There are many “ghost signs,” or faded advertisements painted directly on buildings, in the St. Louis area. An early billboard, they’re a fascinating glimpse into the past, and some of the signs are quite old. I don’t know the age of this example on West Main in Belleville, but if you look closely, you will notice at least two different signs, one painted over the top of the other.


Many of these signs are disappearing, either because they’re being covered over, or because the buildings are being destroyed by demolition or by time. Take a look around, and see what kind of ghost signs you can spot as you drive around!