Garden Update

So, here’s what’s going on in the garden:

  • 4 Beefsteak tomatoes and 10 Roma tomatoes currently on the vine–none have ripened yet.
  • 2 yellow summer squash growing–we had a third, but it shriveled.
  • 1 zucchini getting bigger by the minute!
  • 2 very small, very cute jalepeños
  • 3 celery plants that actually look like (small) celery
  • And, what I can only describe as two basil bushes!

I had four broccoli plants, one of them died, and, quite frankly, the others aren’t looking so hot…the one that died was on the flood end of the garden, and the one that was next to it is the other worst looking.  I still have some hope for one of them, but we’ll see.  I’ve also lost one zucchini plant, and the other two didn’t look so good, but at least one of them is producing fruit, and the other one has blossomed, so we’ll see what we get out of those.

The cucumbers have been interesting.  Lost one plant early, and I thought one of them was stunted, but that one has really taken off recently.  Tons of blossoms, and lots of little cucumbers starting, but most have shriveled.  I did have one get to maturity, which I actually just picked, and we’ll be slicing into soon. Not sure what went wrong with the others, but hopefully the one I have will be good!  I also had one incident with a cucumber plant vining onto the celery…had to untangle it.  Didn’t know they’d grow so fast or be so aggressive–hope they don’t try to vine onto me!

The radishes I planted didn’t turn out so well, but the carrots are doing OK.  We sampled one, and I think they need a little more time, but soon…

The onions all bombed–maybe root vegetables and I don’t get along so well!

The cilantro was awesome, grew really fast, flavored some of our food really well.  I did not know, however, how quickly it flowers, and I also didn’t know that once it flowers, it’s done growing, so that ended pretty fast.

Anyway, that’s what’s new in our garden.  I’m still hoping for some semi-homemade pico with the tomatoes and jalapeños, even if I will have to buy the onions and cilantro for it!  Mostly, I just want some nice, fresh tomatoes, and it’s looking good on that front–just need some more time.

Jalapeños of Death!

So, I had planned to make pico de gallo (hope I spelled that a little bit right) to console myself after my less than stellar day (more on that later).  But now I hear that my jalapeños may be carriers of the dreaded salmonella.  As I no longer trust the FDA to warn me of actual food dangers (how many tomatoes were dumped when nothing was wrong with them, and how many farmers lost how much money?), and as I have no intention of giving up produce, I am going to make and eat it anyway.  

That being said, if I die from the aforementioned salmonella, please find a disgruntled tomato farmer, and hit the FDA with a sizable lawsuit.