Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee had fun visiting the National Blues Museum in St. Louis for the first time today!

After touring the museum, we walked around downtown St. Louis for a bit, and in addition to looking longingly through the gates of Busch Stadium, where the Cardinals were playing the Dodgers (the Cards won), we stopped at Kiener Plaza, where Chickadee had some fun on the playground:

It was a nice way to spend a spring day in the city!

The Kiener Plaza Fountain Goes Teal

I know it looks almost exactly the same as when they died it for the St. Louis Blues hockey playoff run earlier this year, but right now, the fountain at Kiener Plaza is a lovely shade of teal, in support of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. It looks very pretty, and it’s for a good cause!


The City Bleeds Red!

Today, in honor of the Cards clinching a spot in the playoffs, the St. Louis Parks Department dyed the fountain at Kiener Plaza red:


This whole city bleeds Cardinal red! We play for October!