Tasty Tuesday–The Best Burger in St. Louis!

A few months ago, the morning news show for our local NBC affiliate, KSDK, was looking for the best hamburgers in St. Louis. I was only too happy to volunteer the name of our favorite restaurant, Seamus McDaniel’s, because they make the best burger I’ve ever had. I was kind of shocked when KSDK contacted me and asked if they could take me to lunch and interview me about the food, but I wasn’t going to turn down a free lunch at Seamus, so I met with Nichole Berlie and introduced her to the wonder that is the Seamus burger. The segment aired in May, and even though I felt completely awkward when they were filming me eating, I’m happy with how it turned out!

Weather Bash at Busch

Today, we took Moose out of school so we could take all of the children down to Busch Stadium for a field trip…the “Weather Bash at Busch.”

The weather bash itself was a little disappointing. We couldn’t really hear what any of the presenters were saying, and the part we were most excited about, the launching of a weather balloon, didn’t quite go according to plan. It launched, but way before it was supposed to…all of the sudden, it was just floating away! At least we got to see it take flight, and we also got to see Fredbird’s disappointment that he had missed it. There were some other cool demonstrations, but since we couldn’t hear what was being said, it was a little hard to tell what they were doing.

The weather bash was followed by a Cardinals game, though, which is always fun (even if the Cardinals did lose). It was especially fun to be there for part of the Opening Series! We sat in a section that we’d never been in before (right in front of the huge Hardee’s sign), and we really liked the seats. We’ll be keeping them in mind for the future!

It wasn’t quite the field trip I was expecting, but it was still fun, and a beautiful day to be at the ballpark to boot!