A Very Exciting Day

Yesterday was a Very Exciting Day, because Rene Knott, morning news anchor on KSDK in St. Louis (along with cameraman Joe, who was very nice and made me feel quite at ease about wearing a mic and having a camera on me), came to our house to do a story on one of my favorite topics…fashion!

There was much preparation for the event…I was up at 5:15 to make sure everything was just right. It gave me a good excuse to wear a dressing gown, though!

I got to choose several outfits to feature, and I had a fun time planning the accessories and laying everything out so it was ready to go:

I’m not sure our den has been so clean since we first moved into the house!

I did a lot of work staging displays to reflect my personal style, focusing both on German-Austrian national dress/family heritage, as well as retro fashion:

I did the interview in the first dirndl I purchased from Rare Dirndl, and included some of my favorite dirndl accessories, plus my Docs:

I also modeled my favorite new outfit from Miss Candyfloss:

And a Miss Candyfloss piece from last year’s autumn/winter collection:

This was a dream come true for me…it’s quite an experience to discover that someone in the press finds something interesting enough about you to do a story on. While I was super nervous, it was also a lot of fun to get to talk about my heritage and fashion, and a great honor to meet Mr. Knott, who was just as great in person as you’d expect him to be from having watched him on the news! The story should air before the end of October, so, if you’ll excuse the expression, stay tuned! Until then, you may refer to me as “Local Celebrity Amanda Markel!”

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