The Last Time

As parents, we focus (rightly so) on our children’s firsts. First time sleeping through the night, first foods, firsts steps, first lost tooth, and on and on. The lasts, however, seem to get lost in the busyness of life.

For example, the last night in the crib. Sure, we get all excited about the first night in the big girl bed, but what about the night before, when the same child, only a day younger, sleeps in the crib for the last time?

How about when it’s the last time *any* child will sleep in the crib that *every* child in the family has slept as a newborn up through at least the early toddler years? When it’s the last night in seven years that a crib will be set up in the home?

In some cases, it seems like the last time deserves to be noted, mentioned, and savored for a bit, especially when the moment is so bittersweet.