The Lego Disney Castle

As promised, here’s a look at the completed Lego Disney Castle:

And here are some of my favorite details:

This was a really fun project for Advent, and a great way to end a very Disney-themed year!

Advent 2022–Day Twenty-Eight

Today is the final day of Advent 2022, and Turkey completed the Lego Disney Castle. He built the rest of the final tower, which includes a nice spot for a watchman (or Donald Duck), and the he put all the castle pieces together.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a look at the full castle!

Advent 2022–Day Twenty-Seven

Ladybug continued building the big tower for the Lego Disney Castle today:

And she added vignettes representing Tangled and the original animated classic, Snow White:

Tomorrow we see how it all comes together!

Advent 2022–Day Twenty-Six

Today Chickadee worked on building a part of the Lego Disney Castle that will go behind the balcony Bunny built yesterday:

She was also very excited that she got to build the last minifig for the set, Tinkerbell!

Advent 2022–Day Twenty-Five

Today Bunny continued building up the section of the Lego Disney Castle that Moose started yesterday, and added a pretty little balcony:

The part I think she was most excited about, though, was building a secret compartment (under the blue section behind Daisy) that contains Cinderella’s glass slipper and a storybook that begins “Once upon a time…”

Advent 2022–Day Twenty-Four

Moose asked for a short build today, so he just took care of building up the walls around the bedroom Ladybug started yesterday, and also added some really nice curtains above the bed:

I love that you can see them from the outside, too!

Advent 2022–Day Twenty-Three

Today Ladybug continued the build for the second part of the Lego Disney Castle:

Which included this very regal bed!

I can’t believe there are only five days of building left!

Advent 2022–Day Twenty-Two

Today Bunny worked on building up more of the second floor of the Lego Disney Castle…I’m wondering when it will actually be attached to the base.

She also got to add two more fun little scenes…the famous moment from Fantasia with the Sorcerer’s hat and broom, and a spinning wheel in a nod to Sleeping Beauty (or Once Upon a Time, depending on who you ask!):

Advent 2022–Day Twenty-One

Ladybug continued to build up the second floor of the Lego Disney Castle today:

Here’s a look at the whole set so far:

Just one more week to go!

Advent 2022–Day Twenty

Today, Turkey continued building up the second floor of the Lego Disney Castle:

The build included two vignettes familiar to Disney fans…a reference to Beauty and the Beast, and a nod to the kitchen scene from The Little Mermaid: