Advent 2021–Day Twenty-Seven

Today Turkey put the finishing touches on the Lego Millennium Falcon!

He added the radar dish:

There is also an alternate build for the radar dish to correspond with the sequel trilogy, which I think is pretty cool:

There were a few stickers in the set, including this big one…you’d think a set as high end as this one wouldn’t include stickers, the bane of every Lego fan’s existence, but you’d be wrong!

Here’s a look at it from all four sides:

And a few more angles:

The whole set is massive (no, we don’t actually know where its permanent placement in our home will be):

This was a fun build as we look forward to a big family trip next summer!

Advent 2021–Day Twenty-Six

The penultimate build of the Lego Millennium Falcon!

Today Turkey added the turret to the top of the ship…he was really excited to build this part!

He also built a Mynock, which seems too cute to be a threat:

Tomorrow the radar dish will be added, and then the ship will be done!

Advent 2021–Day Twenty-Five

Today’s build came from the penultimate bag of pieces for the Lego Millennium Falcon. Bunny began by putting together Old Han Solo and Rey:

I’m sure we’re breaking all kinds of laws of temporal mechanics having Old Han Solo in the same set with Young Han Solo!

Here’s a look at the full cast of characters:

Bunny had an important and recognizable build for the ship today…the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon:

There’s room for four…but only just barely!

Tomorrow Turkey is going to start on the last bag of the set, and he’ll finish it up on Christmas Eve!

Advent 2021–Day Twenty-One

The section that Moose built today will attach to another section tomorrow, and then the whole thing will go on the Lego Millennium Falcon:

Advent 2021–Day Eighteen

Finally, some new minifigs for the Lego Millennium Falcon (does BB-8 count as a minifig?)!

Turkey also built some parts that include cool round vents, and include elements that detach easily so you can see into the ship: