Mammoth Cave

When we were in Kentucky in June, I knew that I wanted to do something fun with the Fab Five on my birthday. The children were interested in touring a cave, and I liked the idea of playing the live-action version of Colossal Cave Adventure (the only “video” game I played as a child), so I looked at the options available at Mammoth Cave.

I didn’t have a lot of money budgeted for our trip, so I decided on the Mammoth Passageway Tour, which got us into the cave, and let us see one of the biggest rooms, the Rotunda. We also got to learn a lot about the history of the area, which was a great bonus!

After our cave tour, we took a hike down to see a spring at the cave’s entrance, and the Green River. On the way back up, we even got to see some deer!

This was a fun trip, but since we didn’t get to see any stalactites or stalagmites, I think we’re going to have to go back and take a different tour eventually!

My First 39th Birthday

I’m really lucky, because my first 39th birthday (you know, like Jack Benny), actually started last month when we were in Chicago. My mom took us out to dinner at the Schnitzel Platz, where I had liver dumpling soup, Rahm Schnitzel, and hazelnut cake. And I got to hear “Happy Birthday” played on cowbells! It was a very fun night!

Today, the Fab Five and I took a tour of Mammoth Cave, and then hiked down to the Green River. It was really interesting and different, and we had a lot of fun…we even got to see deer and a turkey while we were out!

White Castle brought back my favorite strawberry lemonade smoothie just in time for my birthday, so I had to get one:

And then Ryan and I went to Gerard’s 1907 Tavern in Bowling Green, where we enjoyed a very nice meal:

We also had a nice walk around Fountain Square Park. I wore Pinup Girl Clothing, of course!

Back at Ryan’s parents’ house, we had a delicious strawberry birthday cake for dessert:

I really enjoyed my first 39th birthday…I wonder what my second 39th birthday will look like?

Chickadee Thursday

Chickadee has been very busy today! We took a tour of Mammoth Cave, and then hiked down to the Green River:

Since today is my birthday, I had to get a selfie with her:

And she’s getting to spend some time with her cousin today, too!

She’ll sleep well tonight!