Museum Mosaics

When we went to the Museum of Science and Industry last month, I needed to see Lake Michigan. I wasn’t sure exactly how that would work out, so since we arrived at the museum early, I worked my way through the parking garage and up through the labyrinth that is the entrance, and when I got outside, pointed myself toward the lake. As I made my way to a good vantage point, I waked through a few tunnels, and was surprised to find that the walls were covered in museum-themed mosaics!

I love the details like these that are so easy to find in a big city…it just adds to the city’s personality!

The New Cathedral

We’ve visited the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis before, but every time you go, you see something new, or see something in a different way. Our latest visit was no different…I was astounded by the absolutely breathtaking beauty of the building!

I wonder what new thing I’ll notice the next time we visit?