Olympics School–Day Four

Today we got to be Olympic designers! This was a sub-venue that I created especially for our school. The children each got a chance to design their own Olympic emblem or logo, team uniform shirt, Olympic medal, Olympic mascot, and a bonus Royal Mail stamp showcasing the Olympics. They also had to explain why they chose their designs, and the meanings behind them. It was a lot of fun to see what they came up with…and I think their emblems may have been less criticized than the official London 2012 logo, (but pardon the spelling…we may need an Olympics spelling unit, too!)!

We also read another chapter out of Great Moments in the Summer Olympics. I chose women’s swimming this time, because this was my second-favorite event as a child. We’ll finish up the week with the chapter on men’s swimming as well as one on Michael Phelps tomorrow.

Today’s Passport Stamp: Olympic Designer