Tasty Tuesday–Seamus Day

I’ve shared the details of one of our family’s favorite holidays, Seamus Day, here in the past. Every year on February 26th, starting in 2014, we’ve grabbed a meal (either lunch or dinner), at our favorite local pub, Seamus McDaniel’s, in the Dogtown neighborhood of St. Louis. Well, this year, the 26th just didn’t work out, so we had our lunch out on Sunday, instead. But I still wanted to recognize Seamus Day, so here’s a look at what is still the best burger I’ve ever had!

I have to confess, I am a little worried about Seamus. They’ve made a lot of changes (including to the decor and the menu), and the prices took a big jump. For now, anyway, the food tastes as good, which is the most important thing. We’ll be keeping an eye on the situation, though…I want to be warned if the changes extend to the food itself!

Seamus Day

Last year, on February 26th, I said this:

After having eaten at Seamus McDaniel’s on February 26th for three straight years, due to varying circumstances, I was so sad last year thinking that our fairly new tradition would have to come to an end after 2/26/2016…and then later in 2016, Seamus announced that they would now be open on Sundays! So here we are, on February 26th, a Sunday, and Seamus was open for us to enjoy lunch this afternoon. We have now had lunch or dinner at Seamus McDaniel’s on February 26th in 2014, 2015, 2016, and thankfully, 2017, as well. After four years in a row, there is no doubt that “Seamus Day” on February 26th is a favorite family tradition!

I know I’ve said it before, but I think today’s burger was the best one I’ve had yet. I do know this…eating lunch at Seamus guarantees the most perfectly rare burger you can imagine!

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Eaten


It’s no secret that our family loves going to Seamus McDaniel’s for dinner (or lunch, as the case may be). Ryan and I first started eating there when we first moved to the Dogtown neighborhood of St. Louis almost 14 years ago, and lived just down the street, and we’ve continued to enjoy stopping by for a meal, even after we’ve moved a bit farther away than an evening stroll.

I truly believe Seamus makes the best burger/cheeseburger I’ve ever had, anywhere. And my order has remained pretty much the same–cheeseburger with provel, onions (raw), and tomatoes. Over the years, I’ve ordered said burger less and less cooked, until I reached the very edge of the burger spectrum, with a gloriously rare sandwich.

We stopped at Seamus today after a fun field trip to the LC-MS International Center (details to follow), and I had the best burger I’ve ever had there (which is saying a lot, since they’re always excellent):


It was amazing. Not just the best burger I’ve ever had anywhere, but the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Turkey also thought he had the best burger he’s ever ordered, as did Ryan, so whoever was manning the grill today was really on his or her game. We also realized that we have now gone to eat at Seamus on February 26 two years in a row, which was totally accidental, and also kind of funny. At this point, I think we just may have to make it a new family tradition…until the 26th falls on a Sunday, because that’s the one day of the week Seamus is closed!

Chickadee Thursday

We had a fun and busy day today, with a field trip to the LC-MS International Center, followed by lunch at our favorite restaurant, Seamus McDaniel’s. Definitely Chickadee’s idea of a good day!