At Least Lego Still Cares

Turkey is very excited about the latest addition to Lego City.

I’m glad that Lego is still encouraging children to use their imaginations about space travel. It seems like there is very little encouragement left for children to dream about being an astronaut, even from our own space program. But between Turkey’s imagination, and Lego sets like these, (and others he designs himself),┬áthe dream doesn’t have to die quite yet!

“When Will We Be Going Back?”

“And who will that be?” (Apollo 13)

In reading this article about Christopher Kraft being honored by NASA, (they named Mission Control at Johnson Space Center in Houston after him), I came upon this quote from Gene Kranz. He perfectly summarizes my feelings on space travel, and why we need to continue it:

“I pray that our nation will someday soon find the courage to accept the risk and challenge to finish the work we started.” Gene Kranz