Christmas Queen

You know how, in A Charlie Brown Christmas, Lucy tells Charlie Brown, “We’ve even got a Christmas Queen!”? Well, that’s me…the Christmas Queen. And now I even have the perfect Christmas skirt, from the Oblong Box Shop, that has the same mid-century modern feel as the aluminum trees that the Christmas Queen in the special favored! Instead of aluminum trees, however, this skirt features the ceramic trees that were so popular with everyone’s grandma!

I think my favorite way to wear the skirt is with a green peasant top from Pinup Girl Clothing…the colors are perfect together!

It also looks great with white (also from Pinup Girl):

And I’m still trying to break free of my wariness about wearing red and pink together…this pink top (another staple from Pinup Girl!) goes so well with the Sputnik lamp ornaments “hanging” from the waistband of the skirt!

Did I mention that the Oblong Box Shop even has a Sputnik lamp brooch to coordinate with the ornaments on the skirt?


This is my most Christmas-y piece of clothing yet, and I love wearing it every chance I get!

Tipsy Elephants

Surely you didn’t think I had only one skirt with elephants on it?

The Oblong Box Shop’s take on the classic Disney tipsy elephant scene is fantastic. The satin material of the skirt dresses up the whimsical pattern a bit, and the colors are gorgeous. I can’t believe how well it goes with the baby blue Harley top from Pinup Girl that I also like to wear with my circus elephants skirt! And there’s even a matching brooch by Sparkle Monster (and a matching men’s bowling-style shirt is in the works, too!):


I will say that this skirt runs smaller than the other two Oblong Box Shop skirts I have in the same style. Luckily, the skirts are designed with a movable button, that gives (or takes) about an extra inch in the waist, so I was still able to make it work.