Tipsy Elephants

Surely you didn’t think I had only one skirt with elephants on it?

The Oblong Box Shop’s take on the classic Disney tipsy elephant scene is fantastic. The satin material of the skirt dresses up the whimsical pattern a bit, and the colors are gorgeous. I can’t believe how well it goes with the baby blue Harley top from Pinup Girl that I also like to wear with my circus elephants skirt! And there’s even a matching brooch by Sparkle Monster (and a matching men’s bowling-style shirt is in the works, too!):


I will say that this skirt runs smaller than the other two Oblong Box Shop skirts I have in the same style. Luckily, the skirts are designed with a movable button, that gives (or takes) about an extra inch in the waist, so I was still able to make it work.

Blue Elephants

When Pinup Girl first shared a photo of this Mary Blair circus elephants Jenny skirt at the end of the winter, I knew I would have to add it to my wardrobe. My plan was to pair it with the matching pink stripes peasant top, but my size sold out before I could even log into my account! The new blue Harley top is the same color as the elephants, so I figured it would make an acceptable substitute, and honestly, I think I may like it even better than the top I had planned on wearing with the skirt!

I’ve been wanting to order a pink elephants brooch from Luxulite for quite a while now, and I really love the colors in this one:


And, just to show how different a skirt can look when paired with a top in a different color:

I really love this fun elephant print! I’m still hoping I may get another shot at the striped peasant top in the future, but even if I don’t, I love the way it looks with what I already have!