Chickadee Thursday

Today’s picture is from the First Friday at the St. Louis Science Center last week…I thought Chickadee was going to explode when she an Ewok walking around!

First Friday–Star Wars Night

On Friday night, we went to 2020’s inaugural “First Friday” at the St. Louis Science Center, and it was a lot fun, which we realized even before we entered the building!

Yes, the theme was Star Wars, and they went all out for it. There were some artifacts, which even included props from the movies:

There were plenty of people in costume:

And where there are costumes, there are also photo opps:

We saw a lightsaber combat demonstration (from a distance…I think this was the most crowded event we’ve been to!):

And we participated in a campus-wide game, at the end of which, the children got to make medals for being Resistance heroes!

My favorite part of the evening though, was the class we took…a Star Wars cross-stitch class! I couldn’t resist choosing an adorable “Baby Yoda” pattern.

Ladybug picked BB-8, and not only did she finish it, she added a bit to it, which impressed me!

I will admit that I occasionally find these events overwhelming, because there are so many people it’s hard to move at times, and it gets very warm in the building. But there are also a lot of fun activities, and it seems like this geeky occasion was made just for our family!

A Holy Dino?

This is hardly the first time I’ve used the sun to create a halo for a statue, but there’s something amusing about a T-Rex with a halo, don’t you think?

Chickadee Thursday

We spent the morning at the St. Louis Science Center, and it even cooled off enough to make a walk around outside to see the F/A-18B Hornet a not unpleasant experience!

2018-19 School Year–Week Eighteen

We’re done with school until next year!

This week was all about finishing up. Turkey and Bunny finished chapters in history, math and science. Ladybug finished a vocabulary lesson and Justin Morgan had a Horse. Chickadee finished a section in math and a handwriting lesson. We also read A Christmas Carol, watched several productions of the Nutcracker, made ornaments, and read some other Christmas stories. We even found time to visit the St. Louis Science Center to see their new lights display, “Science Illuminated.”

So that’s it for a few weeks. We’ll be back to work in January, hopefully feeling rested and ready to tackle the second half of the school year!

Chickadee Thursday

Tonight we visited the St. Louis Science Center to see their new Science Illuminated lights display…Chickadee really enjoyed it!

Destination Moon

Did you know that the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum is currently undergoing a renovation? That means that the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia is not currently on display in Washington D.C., but their (temporary) loss is St. Louis’ gain, because they put together a fantastic traveling exhibit, Destination Moon, which is visiting four cities before returning to be permanently installed in its new home in the Air and Space Museum in 2021.

St. Louis is the second city on the list to host Destination Moon. I don’t know how the other cities are setting it up, but I think St. Louis did a fantastic job. Before you even enter the exhibit, the stage is set with period appropriate local details:

The first room you see is a 1960s living room, complete with console TV, record player, and faux launch party food spread:

After seeing a brief film on St. Louis’ contribution to the Apollo program (more great local details!), there are so many amazing items to discover in the main display:

Of course, the real star of the show is the Command Module Columbia itself:

And there’s also a really cool hands-on area that allows you to sit in the driver’s seat, if you will, and communicate with both Columbia and mission control, as well as test your hand at a lunar landing and see what it’s like to be an astronaut trying to pick up moon rocks. Adults and children both love these opportunities, and they’re all very well designed!

This exhibit is only in St. Louis until September 3rd, but Pittsburgh and Seattle are up next on the four city tour, so if you’re local to either of those areas, you’re in for a real treat!