A Look Back at the Platinum Jubilee

We’ve been celebrating Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee for about four months now (and we’ve yet to do the one last thing on our list…plant a tree for the Jubilee!)…let’s take a look back at the fun we’ve had, starting with a special tea party on the date of her accession to the throne in February:

I found a fun craft that we did then, too:

The big events were just this past weekend. We went to a street party at The London Tea Room in St. Louis:

And I made a special, historic dinner to celebrate the historic event…coronation chicken:

For dessert, I made the lemon Swiss roll and amaretti trifle that was the winning entry in the Platinum Pudding Competition:

In some ways, although this event was more historic than 2012’s Diamond Jubilee, it felt more low-key. This was, of course, in part due to Her Majesty’s mobility issues causing her to miss many of the events…they just weren’t the same without her. And the absence of the Duke of Edinburgh was also keenly felt. But it was still a special celebration, with many touching and memorable moments (my favorites were the Paddington sketch, Prince Charles’ touching speech, the well-planned service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Cambridge children’s antics at the events, Mike Tindall wearing wife Zara’s hats, and Her Majesty’s balcony appearance following the pageant), and something I will always remember!

A Street Party for the Platinum Jubilee

How lucky am I that there was a place in St. Louis celebrating the Platinum Jubilee this weekend?!?

The party started with “God Save the Queen” (of course), and I was more than happy to sing along! After that, a piper played “Diu Regnare,” which was written by Stuart Liddell for the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee.

In addition to enjoying a cup of “Jubilee Tea” (an Earl Grey with extra citrus created by the London Tea Merchant for the Diamond Jubilee in 2012), we also sampled a scone with clotted cream and strawberry preserves:

We had the opportunity to watch some Scottish dancers:

There was a great festive atmosphere!

I spent a long time choosing just the right outfit (and hat!) for the event:

I’m so glad we had an opportunity to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee right here in St. Louis!

Tasty Tuesday–The London Tea Room

Yesterday, I went with some friends for lunch (and tea!) at The London Tea Room in St. Louis’ Tower Grove South neighborhood.


I love the building in which the tea room is located, and the decor is perfect! (I also loved the music they were playing…very Rat Pack.)

I even got to peek in the Hyde Park Room, which is reserved for group gatherings…it’s very pretty!

We tried three varieties of tea: Lavender Earl Grey, Naughty Vicar (love the name!), and Duke and Duchess (which was created for the wedding of William and Kate). They were all delicious, and they looked so pretty on the table!

The food looked so wonderful in the cases, it was hard to choose. I finally settled on the Cornish pasty (delicious!), and the Queen Victoria cake (also delicious!). The staff was very friendly and helpful, and took time to explain what the different treats were.

Now that I’ve been there and know what it’s like, I’m looking forward to going back someday for a full afternoon tea!