Bridgedale Cleaners

The sign is a little worse for the wear, and I can’t really even tell if this dry cleaner in Cahokia is still open for business, but it’s definitely vintage!

Grasso Plaza

This vintage road sign is a little different from the ones I usually share, because it’s a shopping center sign, instead of one for an individual business. It’s also very simple, but I love the lettering and the flame…it definitely has a cool, retro vibe!

Retro Schnucks Sign

I really have no idea how old this Cahokia Schnucks sign actually is (the store itself appears to be an old Kroger, so old enough, I suppose), but it feels retro to me, maybe because it’s a cube. I also think the Schnucks soldier probably has something to do with it…while you see him on their trucks and in their advertising, he doesn’t appear on store signs too often!

Update: The good people at Schnucks were kind enough to give me a little background on the store location and sign. I was correct that it was originally a Kroger store, which opened in 1982, and was purchased by Schnucks in 1986. They inserted the Schnucks soldier logo (which debuted way back in 1968 as part of their “Revolutionary Low Prices” campaign), into the original store sign at that point.

Goody Goody

I love when a cool vintage sign is attached to an equally cool local establishment! We’ve never eaten at the Goody Goody Diner, but it is definitely a St. Louis thing, and after smelling the amazingly delicious cooking smells wafting out of the restaurant on a cold January day, I think we’re going to have to enjoy a breakfast there in the near future!

Flamingo Bowl

Back to vintage-looking signs…this time, the Flamingo Bowl on Washington Avenue in St. Louis. Whether they’re vintage or modern, bowling alleys always have the best signs!


Usually I’m all about the vintage (or at least vintage-inspired) signs. But every now and again, a more modern sign catches my eye. The Roalita’s Cantina (located on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis), sign might be my favorite modern sign yet!

Capitol Arts Center

Like bowling alleys, old theaters also tend to have cool, vintage signs. But theatre signs tend to be even more vintage than the ones you find at bowling alleys, often by several decades by the look of them!

Federhofer’s Bakery

I went looking for the Concord Bowl sign, because I had seen a picture of it, and I knew it was cool. On the way there, I stumbled across this equally cool (if not cooler!) sign for Federhofer’s Bakery. I know I must have driven by the bakery before, but I somehow failed to notice the sign. I’m glad I fixed that, because it’s gloriously vintage!

Concord Bowl

Bowling alleys have the best vintage signs. This one in south St. Louis is a little worse for the wear, but it still screams “retro!”