Parents and Family Weekend

This weekend, we got to visit Bunny for Parents and Family Weekend at her college! We’ve been there before, but it was fun to see some of her favorite things and check out where her classes are!

We got to go to “Donuts with the Dean” while we were there, visit the campus Starbucks (I think we’re calling it “Starbies” now), walk all the way to the top of the hill, and attend a volleyball game (we won!). It was a beautiful day, to boot, and we had a really fun time!

We even got to have Zaxby’s, which is a real treat for me!

The most special thing to me, besides seeing her (of course), was getting a picture of all the children. I know she hasn’t even been gone for a whole month, but I was really happy to get a new photo of the Fab Five together.

I’m not going to lie…Thanksgiving feels like a long time from now, but that’s when we get to see her next!

WKU Volleyball Camp

Last Monday, not just Bunny, but also Ladybug, attended Western Kentucky University’s volleyball camp. Bunny is an old pro, but this was Ladybug’s first experience, and they both had a great time!

WKU Volleyball Camp

Bunny had the opportunity to spend three days this week at an all-day volleyball camp at Western Kentucky University. We didn’t stay and watch her too much, but it was clear she loved getting the chance to work with some of the girls and coaches from the team, and make some new friends!

The Volleyball Tournament

Tonight, to cap off her first season of league play, Bunny and her volleyball team played in a tournament. It was very exciting, because Bunny got to be a captain for the first time!


They had their last warm-ups:


And then got down to play!


The teams were very evenly matched, and they had to go to the third game to determine the winner. Bunny, who has struggled with getting the ball over the net on the serve all season, was up with their team leading 20-19. We all held our breaths, and watched as she put the game-winning serve over the net!!!

It was so exciting to watch her teammates mob her in their celebration. This also meant that they got to advance in the tournament (which, honestly, no one was really expecting). They ended up losing to the team that was ranked second in the league, which wasn’t bad at all. They had one more “good game” walk:


And then received their medals, which were very deserved!


Bunny is sad that this season went by so fast, but she’s already planning on playing again, which is good because the ref told her he’d be looking for her!


The First Volleyball Game

Bunny is playing in a youth volleyball league this fall, and tonight her team had their first game.

They won the middle game, but lost the other two. Bunny had a really good return over the net off a serve. Not a bad start, and maybe next time, they’ll be the team to win two out of three!