The Most Official-Looking, Unofficial Cake in St. Louis

In addition to the official Stl250 cakes that have been placed in significant locations all over the St. Louis area, many unofficial cakes have popped up here and there. Different locations, many of whom are celebrating their own significant anniversaries, have wanted to get in on the fun. Some of them follow the general Stl250 design, of a square layer, followed by two round layers, and while it’s obvious they’re not official, they’re still fun attempts. Other places have done cakes in their own style, most of which are all round layers. Again, still fun, but very obvious that they’re not part of the official scavenger hunt.

Enter Hawken House:

Had I not known this was an unofficial cake, I would have assumed it was another bonus cake. It’s that good. My understanding is that it’s made of wood instead of fiberglass, but the size and design are spot on. I can only guess that whoever was in charge of this cake had access to the original design and went from there. So even though it’s an unofficial cake, because it’s so exceptional, I decided it deserved a place among the “real” cakes here on my blog!