Like Father, Like Son

Today at lunch we were talking about pumpkins.  Bunny, partly being silly, asked me what pumpkins eat.  I, of course, told her that pumpkins don’t “eat” anything.  But then she wanted to know what they drink.  Well, water, just like any other plant, silly (which, by the way, would have been an answer that could have satisfied her curiosity, were it not for her big brother).

It’s at this point that Turkey felt the need to throw in his two cents…”pumpkins aren’t plants.”  Fine, he got me on a technicality…backtrack a bit…”you’re right, but they grow on plants, so they drink water like other plants.”

Then he really sticks it to me…”actually, pumpkins grow on vines.”

He gets this from his father.  Let’s keep in mind that when he was in grade school, my husband skipped a grade, partly because he was that smart, but also partly because, after having him for the first year of a two grade combined classroom situation, his mother (who is also a Lutheran schoolteacher) decided that she could not deal with him for a second year.

Man, do I know how she felt…and we’re only on the third week of Kindergarten!  I’m in big trouble!

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