My Little Drama Queen

Ladybug has a lot of personality for someone who is only 16 months old.  Sometimes, if I’m crazy enough to let my mind go there, I really wonder what she’s going to be like as a teenager.  I better start stocking up on antacids and ibuprofen!

Today we were playing in the boys room.  Ladybug was standing next to Turkey’s bed, just kind of hanging out, and marveling over this wonder that is walking (still a relatively new skill for her).  All of the sudden, she falls down.  I’m not really even sure you can call it falling–she basically just sat down on her behind, and not even hard.  She, of course, being who she is, starts wailing.  “Oh, the world is about to end. Whatever will become of me?”  (I’m guessing that’s what she was going for, anyway!)

Well, apparently, this was not a satisfactory way to express herself, or she felt she wasn’t getting enough attention, so she did a slow fall from a sitting position, until she was laying on her back.  The wailing continues, she’s rolling back and forth and kicking her legs (none of our other children ever tantrumed in this all-out fashion!)–“oh, the injustice of it all!  Sitting down on one’s behind is so cruel; the world is such a terrible place.”

And then it becomes clear.  She starts rubbing her eyes.  All of these dramatics are for a little bit of sleepiness. All she had to do was say “ni-ni,” and off to bed she would have gone.  But that’s not good enough for Ladybug.  Why do something simply and with practicality when you can do it with style?

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