Our First Field Trip

On Saturday, we took our first homeschooling “field trip.”  I found out about a “Prairie Day” taking place not too terribly far from us.  In addition to our Sonlight curriculum, we’re also reading the Little House series, so this was a perfect opportunity for us to get some hands on experience with things we’ve been reading about.

I really had no idea what to expect.  Even though this is apparently a regular event, I’d never heard of it before, and I’d also never heard of the location at which it was being held.  But our family of six (plus Uncle Ken, who was brave enough to join us for the day), decided to head out and see what it was all about.

I was not disappointed (and neither were the children!)  First of all, when we got there, we had to park and take a shuttle, which turned out to be a full-size yellow school bus.  OK, not very pioneer-y, but Turkey and Bunny were so excited for their first ride on a bus, and Moose and Ladybug were equally thrilled with the ride.

When we got there, the children were given workbooks, into which they could place five stickers that they were to collect from the different demonstrators (and we did get all five!).  They also got to collect wooden nickels along the way to spend at the Trading Post, which was really cute, and a great way for them to get a little souvenir without spending any actual money.

There were so many different displays there, I couldn’t remember them all if I tried.  Candle-making, soap carving, quilting, churning, and archery to name a few.  Plus the tents featuring different kinds of wildlife and native plants and seeds (both Turkey and Bunny are as tall as a purple coneflower, in case you were wondering).  There were pioneer games, a hayride (which we didn’t go on), pony rides (which Turkey and Bunny loved–Daddy, not so much, as a pony decided to kick him!), a sod house and covered wagon, a teepee, sheep to pet (I think Turkey and Bunny were very surprised as to what they felt like!), and bison burgers, which, for the record, were delicious!

It was an awesome day, and I’m really glad we could go and learn more about Pioneer times.  There was also some wonderfully beautiful scenery (which will be even more so in a few weeks when the leaves change!), and it was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and learn a little something in the process.  Hopefully, this was just the first of many fun, family field trips!

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