A Breakthrough?

I’ve seen evidence this week that Moose is beginning to have the breakthrough I’ve been praying for for so long. And it’s not just me; his teacher (after only one week back in school) said that she thinks he’s having a breakthrough, too.

He’s been talking so much more, at home and at school. Counting, identifying objects, repeating, saying *all* of his bedtime prayers, using his manners, even saying the letters in his name. This stuff is fantastic–he’s still nowhere near the level of speech a child of his age should be, but he’s improved so much from where he was!

He still doesn’t have the words to express himself–his feelings, his wants, what’s bothering him–which is, of course, what we’re working towards. But I did see  a single sign last weekend that tells me he may be getting there. In the middle of a meltdown, in which he was shrieking like he does when he’s upset or mad about something, he said a single word–“car.” This may not sound like a big deal, but he had dropped a toy car and couldn’t reach it, thus the meltdown. That’s the first time I have *ever* heard him put a word to anything causing a meltdown, and this is huge! Even if it was just a one-time thing for now, he was able to put a word to his feelings, and that may be the biggest breakthrough of them all!

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