A Great Day!

ry=400On Saturday, we got to take a private tour of one of my very favorite places–Grant’s Farm. The experience was beyond awesome–we had a group picture taken with a Clydesdale, and not just any Clydesdale, but the one that kicks the football in the Budweiser TV commercials; we rode the “safari van” all around the park, including on many trails the regular tram can’t go on; we learned all kinds of cool stuff about the property from our very nice tour guide, J.R., (and saw a mysterious mansion that I didn’t even realize was there!); we fed some animals (including the buffalo, which totally made the day for me!); we got to tour Hardscrabble cabin, which usually isn’t open to the public; and once we were done with all of those fantastic things, we got to do all the usual Grant’s Farm stuff, including strolling through the Tier Garten, where the children all got to ride the brand-new carousel and feed the goats, and having a snack down at the Bauernhof (and visiting the hospitality room for a free “adult beverage” or two!).


It was totally the best day ever–our family loves Grant’s Farm (we go there at least twice a year) but this was a totally different experience. As always, I was impressed with how nice all of the employees are, and how much they all seem to like their jobs. I was also very impressed with the way the tour was put together. I can’t imagine anything that would have made me enjoy myself more (except maybe if we could have actually taken a photo of the previously mentioned mysterious mansion!).

This was truly the nicest gift our family has ever received–we all had a fantastic day!


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