One of the Few Drawbacks

I love homeschooling. Other than random bad days (which everyone has, no matter what their job is), I can’t find much to complain about. I find it fun and challenging, I love watching my children learn, and I love the success I feel when I teach them something new.

At Moose’s IEP meeting this morning, though, I realized that there is one thing that I miss out on by homeschooling, that does cause me some disappointment.

I don’t get to hear from the teacher how great they’re doing in school, their funny habits and quirks, things they’ve really improved on, etc.

I suppose I could tell myself all that stuff, but it’s not really the same. It’s nice to have confirmation from other adults that the progress I’m seeing in Moose at home isn’t my imagination, that they’re noticing it, too. It’s amusing to hear funny stories about him when he’s away from home. It’s very encouraging to hear how hard he’s worked to master particular tasks, and to receive suggestions on how to help him with others.

Even though I *know* how well they’re doing, I wish I could hear some of that stuff about Turkey and Bunny from someone a little more impartial than myself. Then again, if that’s my biggest complaint in homeschooling, I guess we’re doing OK!

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