Can I Brag?

I’m mostly bragging on Turkey and Bunny, here, but if I’m to be honest, I’m also bragging on my teaching skills a bit. Mea culpa.

We’re almost done with first grade–(even though technically, based on age, Bunny should be finishing kindergarten)–just about six weeks left to go, so I thought I’d give Turkey and Bunny a reading assessment. Not comprehension or anything, just a flat-out, ability to read, assessment.

Turkey scored around a fourth grade level, and Bunny at sixth!

I knew they were way ahead of their grade level, because the stuff we’re reading in Language Arts isn’t challenging them anymore–I’ve been giving them extra stuff to read so they don’t get bored. But I didn’t know they’d be this far ahead!

This is huge for me. My number one concern almost two years ago when we started this journey was whether or not I’d be able to teach them to read. I had no idea how that process worked. I’ve never even helped a child read better, much less teach one from the ground up. And here I had two students to teach! I knew that my ability to help them learn to read (and learn to love reading!) would determine whether or not we’d be homeschooling long term, or if it would be just  a one-time thing.

Well, I guess I succeeded (although, to be honest, the credit really goes to by two hard-working students, who just want to learn as much as they can)! And this confidence boost couldn’t have come at a better time, because we’re approaching my number two fear in teaching–learning how to carry numbers when adding. I don’t know if we’ll survive that one!

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