I realized today that it’s not only important to me to go to church on Easter (obviously), but it’s become very important to me to worship with my church family.

I never really felt that way about a church before.

Sure, I’ve had friends in churches, and I’ve learned from sermons and enjoyed hearing the special music, but I realized today how important the fellowship of this particular group of saints is to me. I don’t know what it is, other than, I guess, I feel like I’ve come home. Even though I’m not related to anyone at the church, and I didn’t grow up there, I feel such a sense of belonging, and it’s like being with my actual family when I’m there. So I can’t imagine celebrating the Resurrection anywhere else.

I also never before realized the joy of spending the whole morning at church. I was an adult before I realized that churches can have multiple services on Easter morning without having them all be the same. I really thought that the only people who went to more than one service on Easter did so because they *had* to–choir members, the organist, the pastor. I had no idea how much fun it could be to go to Sunrise Service, have breakfast at church, and then actually *stay* for the second service. It’s just the best day ever, and I find myself looking forward to Easter more and more each year, and find myself sadder each time it’s over.

I love celebrating Easter with my family!

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