My American Girl

When I was around ten, I received my first (and only) American Girl doll. Ever since I was old enough to think about having children, I’ve dreamed about the day I could share that experience with my daughter, and give her an American Girl doll.

That day finally came this weekend.

I know they’re suggested for ages eight and up, and Bunny just turned six, but she’s pretty responsible, and she has wanted Kit, and only Kit, for the last three years (that’s right, for half of her young life). So, it was time.

Her reaction was all I had hoped it would be. She was completely surprised–she’s even been saving her allowance to buy Kit herself. She has barely stopped playing with her since she got her–Kit goes through *many* changes of clothes daily. Currently, Bunny is reading Meet Kit *to* Kit. Irony.

It’s so fun sharing part of my childhood with one of my children!

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