My Bonnie

Don’t get me wrong–I love all my children equally, even if in different ways. They are all very unique and special and lovable. That being said, Ladybug has a special charm in her personality that always reminds me of a quote from Gone With the Wind:

But Bonnie had the combined charm of Scarlett and Rhett at their best and she was the small opening wedge Rhett drove into the wall of Atlanta’s coldness.

This could have been written about Ladybug. She, more than any of the other children, seems to have inherited her mother and father’s best qualities, and uses them to her advantage. Maybe it just comes from being the youngest; I don’t know. But I’ve watched the way she charms *everyone* from her brothers and sister, to her grandparents, to people at church, to perfect strangers.

Her grandpa noted when she was still small and suffering from stranger anxiety that when she got a little older, she’d be the kind of person that could enter a roomful of strangers, and walk out an hour later leaving a roomful of friends, and he was totally right. She just has a way about her that makes her charm obvious, and I think in the future, it will lead to her having people flock to be around her.

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