Welcome, Fall!

I know, it’s not technically Fall yet. And we could have plenty of more hot days before Fall really arrives. It’s just that I look forward to the arrival of Fall with such excitement every year…

Most people want to use Labor Day for one last farewell to summer. The weather is usually right for one last dip in the pool, one more barbecue, another chance for a parade and picnics and playing outside. But I see Labor Day weekend as my “Welcome Fall” celebration.

Labor Day weekend (no matter how hot it may still be) marks the first pot of chili for the Fall and Winter seasons. I love making a big pot of my favorite chili recipe–available on AllRecipes–and there’s something especially delicious about that first batch. The children love to help make it, too–they love opening all the cans, helping me find all the spices from the rack, and smelling every spice that we use to compare and contrast their aromas.

Labor Day weekend is also the time when I start pulling out my favorite Fall baking recipes. I try to make a handful of them only during the Fall season, so that they don’t become too commonplace through the year. So, we look forward to having butterscotch haystacks, and pumpkin and apple bread, and apple cake, and all those delicious things that mean Fall.

Come September 1st, I always take off the light blanket and put the comforter back on the bed. Sure, there will be nights that I regret that decision before the really cool weather arrives, but I always think the bed looks so much nicer with a nice fluffy cover, as opposed to a thin blanket.

Pretty soon I’ll be digging out Fall decorations, too–a few wallhangings and a wreath mostly, but they’re all about fall. Leaves and pumpkins, some scarecrows, and colors all done in reds and oranges and yellows.

Time to start burning my favorite Yankee Candle again (Autumn Wreath), and soon we’ll be drinking apple cider. The windows will be open, with a nice crisp breeze blowing through the house, the evenings will be cool, and everything will feel more cozy. I just love Fall!

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