Thanksgiving School–Day Two

On Tuesday, we started focusing more on the colonization of America. We started by reading Exploration and Conquest, book two of “The American Story” series, and discussing the treatment of the native people in North American by the European explorers. Turkey decided at this point that he doesn’t much like history, because of how badly the people were treated. It did give us an opportunity for a great discussion of the mistakes people have made in the past, and why it’s important to study history and learn from those mistakes.

We also read a more light-hearted book–You Wouldn’t Want to be an American Colonist. This is another great series, which focuses on the bad, bizarre, and occasionally gross things that have accompanied some of the most notable events in history. After much giggling and exclamation, we finished the book, and decided it was for the best that we were not early settlers in America!

In keeping with our colonial theme, we made silhouettes–Turkey and Bunny thought they looked really cool, but were definitely not fond of how still they had to sit to get the picture right. I loved how Turkey’s eyelashes were visible in his silhouette!

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