“Potentially Historic”

So, the St. Louis area is at the tail end of an ice storm/blizzard. As the media is prone to doing, we’ve been hearing hype about this storm for the last few days. And people have been listening–stores have sold out of staples (including beer–who knew that was a staple?!? You’d think there might be a lot of Lutherans down here or something!), people have stocked up on ice melt, schools closed, and the salt trucks were preparing the roads more than 24 hours before the storm was scheduled to hit.

What amused me in all of this, though, was the way the media kept calling this storm “potentially historic.” It seems kind of ridiculous to think of a future event in terms of historic importance. History tends to be determined after something happens, not before. As it turns out, while the system itself may be historic, what the St. Louis area got hit with was kind of disappointing compared to the hype. We may get more snow overnight, but certainly not to the extent that they were predicting.

It just goes to show that history can’t be decided before something happens.

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