“It’s Going to Eat Me!”

On Sunday evening, we were at Wal-Mart, getting ready for the “big storm.” As there were zillions of other people there, also stocking up, I decided that we may as well take our time and look around. We stopped by the fish tanks, which is one of the children’s favorite things to do there.

Turkey and Bunny were looking in one set of tanks, with Ladybug trying to peer between them, but Moose went off to the other set of tanks to get a better look at things for himself. He was quite intrigued by the large goldfish swimming around, and then all of a sudden, as one swam straight at the glass towards him, he said, “It’s going to eat me!”

Now, he didn’t seem upset, so I’m guessing that was his idea of a joke. He had a cute expression on his face, and was using a playful voice. And Moose does have a good sense of humor, although it can be difficult to determine when he’s actually joking, but I think he was just being funny. If so, it really worked, as he got a big laugh out of all of us.

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