Winter? or Spring?

This has been a very confusing weekend.

It looks like winter–snow covering the trees, wintry mix falling from the sky, roads kind of slushy…

But are those flowers under the snow on this bush?

And tiny, brand new, green leaves on this tree?

And this poor, snow-covered magnolia…I don’t think magnolia flowers are used to weather liked this…

And the daffodils…they could barely hold their heads up under the weight of the snow.

Yep, I’m officially confused. On Wednesday, we were excited about the buds starting to open on our cherry tree, and at least one of my children wore shorts.

Yesterday, we broke out the winter coats again, and now we’re wondering if the trees will even finish blooming this year, or if the hard freeze will bring an end to our beautiful spring.

March weather can always be counted on to be totally weird!

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