Easter Evening

We have been blessed in the last 24 hours to attend three beautiful worship services. Though they were all very different, they did share common elements–the full proclamation of the Gospel, a celebratory air befitting the Savior’s resurrection, and, of course, the return of “Alleluia!” I love this weekend every year, because of how much time we get to spend at church.

With apologies to my pastor, (who I hope got a well-deserved rest this afternoon following the whirlwind that is Holy Week), it makes me wish that there was such a thing as an Easter Evening service. I would love to gather with the Eleven in that locked room, and witness their reactions to their risen Lord and Savior, just I traveled to the tomb with the women this morning, and rejoiced with them when they learned that Jesus was alive.

Basically, I guess I just don’t want it to end. I’m grateful that we have a whole season of Easter, but even then, it seems like we return to “normal” too quickly. The more time I spend at church, with my church family, hearing the Word, and receiving the Sacrament, the more I want to be there. Between the Wednesday services all Lent, and the extra services of Holy Week, I feel a little let-down now that it’s over, and we’re back to our usual one service per week.

Then again, I suppose if we had extra services all the time, I’d get so used to it that I’d be complaining about them taking up too much of my time. I guess it has to end sometime!

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