Easter Monday

There may not have been a service yesterday evening, but tonight we were able to attend an Easter Monday service at a church about 45 minutes away from us. I’ve always wanted to go to Easter Monday worship, but no church I’ve attended has ever had one. When I learned of the service at St. Paul, Hamel, I figured that was as close as we were going to find.

It was a small gathering, possibly the smallest service I’ve been to. Actually, including our family and the presiding pastor, there were eleven in attendance. So, I ended up getting a glimpse into that locked room, with the Eleven wondering at Jesus in their midst, after all, (as well as the road to Emmaus, which was the text for the evening). And the Word was proclaimed, and the Sacrament administered, the high point of any service, regardless of how many people are in attendance. It was a wonderful way to continue our Easter celebration!

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