God Likes Beautiful Things

I saw a cardinal in our backyard the other day (bird, not baseball player), and I was struck by how beautiful its bright red feathers looked against the green of the grass and trees outside. That got me remembering a conversation I had with Turkey a few years ago, in the Fall, when he was about four years old…

We were in the car, probably going to Target or something, and we were talking about how beautiful the trees looked with all of their different colored leaves. He was wondering why leaves change color–not in a scientific way, more of a philosophical way–and he immediately answered his own question: “Because God likes beautiful things!”

It sounds cute and sweet, but it’s also so very true. You only have to look around to realize how much God loves beauty–nature is full of it! Flowers, trees, birds–there is beauty all around us, but sometimes, it takes a four-year-old’s point of view to remind us of it!

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