Hymn of the Day–“To Jordan’s River Came Our Lord”

It’s funny how soon after the end of Advent that we’re hearing about John the Baptist again in the Scripture readings and hymns, but today is the perfect day for it, as he was the one to baptize Jesus!

To Jordan’s river came our Lord,
The Christ, whom heav’nly hosts adored,
The God from God, the Light from Light,
The Lord of glory, pow’r, and might.

The Savior came to be baptized–
The Son of God in flesh disguised–
To stand beneath the Father’s will
And all His righteousness fulfill.

As Jesus in the Jordan stood
And John baptized the Lamb of God,
The Holy Spirit, heav’nly dove,
Descended on Him from above.

Then from God’s throne with thund’rous sound
Came God’s own voice with words profound:
“This is My Son,” was His decree,
“The one I love, who pleases Me.”

The Father’s word, the Spirit’s flight
Anointed Christ in glorious sight
As God’s own choice, from Adam’s fall
To save the world and free us all.

Now rise, faint hearts, be resolute;
This man is Christ, our substitute!
He was baptized in Jordan’s stream,
Proclaimed Redeemer, Lord supreme. Lutheran Service Book #405

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