The Top Five–Books

I’ve occasionally shared some of “My Favorite Things” here, in various categories, but the lists always got really long. I decided to try to narrow down my true favorites in a series of “The Top Five.” I’ll start with books, since reading is one of my very favorite activities!

  • The Phantom Tollbooth–This is my favorite book from my childhood, and I love that my children are also enamored of it!
  • A Skeleton in God’s Closet–A book I was introduced to in college, and re-read every year or so. It’s one of two books that I’ve read so much, it’s actually fallen apart.
  • Gone with the Wind–My favorite book ever, and the first book I read until it disintegrated. I have a nice hardcover copy, now!
  • The Emperor Constantine–My favorite book from high school English, and the inspiration for this post, as it’s finally back in print, and I now have my very own copy!
  • The Well Trained Mind–It sounds cliché, but this book changed my life…it inspired me to homeschool! Things just haven’t been the same since…

You’ll notice one glaring omission–I didn’t include the Bible on my list. There’s a very simple explanation for that: it’s obvious. I wanted to list other books that are important to me, and the Bible is really in a class by Itself!

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