Thanksgiving School 2012–Day Two

Today in school it was Mayflower Day! We started by reading the actual Mayflower Compact from the History of US Sourcebook. No craft this year, although I did consider making paper plate Mayflowers again. Instead of a craft, I had Turkey and Bunny write letters “home” from on board the ship, detailing their journey (unpleasant, according to both of them!), and wondering what their lives in the New World would be like. Ladybug drew a picture of what her Mayflower voyage was like, since letter writing is beyond her…she also agreed that the journey was no fun!

We read a few favorite Mayflower books, including one I remember from my own childhood, …If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620. Turkey and Bunny giggle every year looking at the ship schematic in the book, because the “poop deck” is clearly labeled, and to be honest, I remember doing the exact same thing! They also enjoy the question about troublemakers on the ship, especially the “Boom! You wouldn’t be reading this book” part. Another humorous book we read was You Wouldn’t Want to Sail on the Mayflower. This whole series is very popular because of the lighthearted tone, and yet, the books always manage to impart a lot of knowledge. We also read On the Mayflower, a book in my favorite Pilgrim-era series (yesterday’s book about Tapenum is another book from that line).

Tomorrow we move on to pilgrims/colonists…another three books, plus a craft!

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