Thankful Thursday

Our tree is complete! I suppose we could have kept going through the whole month of November, but I thought it would be nice to complete it on Thanksgiving Day. With so many people in our house thankful for so very many things, it’s a beautiful tree!

This week, I’m thankful for food (we have so very much of it in the house right now, after all!). I’m thankful that we have access to good, healthy food, and that we have never worried about where our next meal was coming from. I’m also thankful that we can indulge in the occasional junk food and dessert (five pies in our kitchen right now!), and that we can eat foods we like, and not just foods we can afford…it hasn’t always been that way in our house, and I’m extremely grateful that we have moved past that point in our lives.

I’ll be back next Thursday with one more “thankful list.” The tree may be done, but I’ll keep going until November is over!

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