Thankful Thursday

On the last Thursday in November, I’m thankful to God for all of the “extras” in my life. You know, the things you don’t really need, but that make life extra enjoyable. Books and music, holidays and hobbies, ballet and baseball, games and celebrations of all kinds. I am thankful for the beauty God put in the world…for flowers, and changing leaves, and big puffy clouds. I am thankful for all of the sounds and smells that bring back happy memories. In short, I’m thankful for…everything!

This brings an end to my “Thankful Thursdays.” Of course, I will not cease being thankful, because as Christians, we know that we are thankful to God for the blessings He has given us not just on Thanksgiving, or Sundays, or the month of November, but constantly, for He blesses us constantly, even when we might not notice it!

Thankful Thursday

Our tree is complete! I suppose we could have kept going through the whole month of November, but I thought it would be nice to complete it on Thanksgiving Day. With so many people in our house thankful for so very many things, it’s a beautiful tree!

This week, I’m thankful for food (we have so very much of it in the house right now, after all!). I’m thankful that we have access to good, healthy food, and that we have never worried about where our next meal was coming from. I’m also thankful that we can indulge in the occasional junk food and dessert (five pies in our kitchen right now!), and that we can eat foods we like, and not just foods we can afford…it hasn’t always been that way in our house, and I’m extremely grateful that we have moved past that point in our lives.

I’ll be back next Thursday with one more “thankful list.” The tree may be done, but I’ll keep going until November is over!

Thankful Thursday

It really looks like a tree now!

This week, I’m thankful for our home…it keeps us safe and warm and dry, it really reflects who we are, and it’s full of happy memories! Sometimes, even though we’ve been here for six years, I’m still a little surprised that this is ours. I’m also thankful for the area in which we live, where we have access to excellent doctors, a good school for Moose, a wonderful church, great places for field trips, nice restaurants and shops, and, of course, the St. Louis Cardinals!

Thankful Thursday

It’s amazing how much our tree has filled in, after only one week! But when you have at least four, and as many as six people adding leaves every day, it takes shape rather quickly.

This week, I’m thankful for my family, especially my husband of 11 1/2 years and my five beautiful children. God has blessed me more richly than I could have imagined, and I am grateful every day for these people He has added to my life!

Thankful Thursday

I thought I’d take the Thursdays in November to reflect on some of the things for which I’m thankful.

Today (and every day!), I’m thankful for the faith I received at my baptism, for the salvation won for me at Calvary, for the Word of God which I have free access to, and for my church family that I have been blessed with.

We started our “Thankful Tree” in school today. It’s pretty sparse right now, but I made over sixty leaves for us to record the things we’re thankful for each morning. In the past we’ve also made thankful wreaths, turkeys, and cornucopias  but I think the tree is my favorite. It’s definitely the one that makes it the easiest to add lots of “thankfuls” without running out of space!