My “Last Supper List”

Please excuse the somewhat irreverent title, but I got the idea from watching an episode of Castle a few weeks ago. Actually, the general idea is an old one…who would you invite to your dream dinner party? Anyone from all of history is fair game. The title for this particular version is catchy, however, and limits the guest list to 12. For the sake of my list, I’m assuming that my husband will be at my side as host, so I don’t need to invite him. I’m also not going to be cliché and say Jesus, even though, obviously, I’d welcome Him into my home anytime. I kept my list to all couples…I thought it would make seating and conversation easier. 😉

  • Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
  • Martin and Katie Luther
  • Peter Bar-Jonah (the disciple) and his wife
  • John and Abigail Adams (I’m pretty sure they’d get into an interesting theological debate with both the Luthers and the Bar-Jonahs!)
  • King George VI and Elizabeth
  • George and Martha Washington

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