Wrapping Up

We’re wrapping up the 2012-13 school year this week. Originally, I had planned to have school next week, too, but we’re at a point where almost all we’re doing is review, and it’s not really beneficial to anyone to keep going over stuff that’s already been mastered. Also, Moose’s last day is Friday, and I thought it might be nice if we could all celebrate the last day of school together. As much as I don’t want our homeschool to be tied to the public school schedule, the fact of the matter is that one of the students in this house does have to follow it, so it does influence our school year, anyway. It’s not like anyone is going to complain that we’re done early…that just mean we’re closer to summer school, and a whole new school year with new books and things to learn!

That’s one of the great things about homeschooling. I can look at our schedule, and what we’ve accomplished this year, and decide to be done early. We’re over the state-required number of days already, even though my weekly count doesn’t reflect that, because for the weekly count, I only use whole weeks of school. All of the weeks where we only had school for two days, or weekends where we took field trips, aren’t included in that tally. So, even though it looks like we should probably have a month of school left, we’re really already “done,” as far as days are concerned!

I have a few fun things planned for the end of the week, to celebrate the end of another school year. We’re going to have the Pentecost tea party I had planned for yesterday, but didn’t have time to prepare for, and we’re going to build the Lego Brandenburg Gate, to round out our history studies of WWII, the Cold War, and the Berlin Wall. I’ve even heard a rumor that we may be going out to dinner on Friday, but that’s unsubstantiated at this point!

I’m looking forward to finishing up. It’s been a fun, and sometimes challenging, year. I’m ready to move on to new things, and the children all have certain subjects that they can’t wait to get started on for their fifth and first grade years!

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