2013-14 School Year–Week One

We started our sixth year of homeschooling this week! On Sunday, before we had even officially started, we had a field trip to the Art Museum, to learn about ancient Greek art, as it relates to Greek mythology (something we’ll be studying this year).


Our actual first day of school was on Monday…always a fun day!


In addition to our fun first day traditions (schultüte and the children designing new pictures to go in the front of their binders), we also got started on most of our subjects, including history, astronomy, and new levels of math. We got started on Language Arts this week, too, although we didn’t cover every aspect of it yet, and I’m also waiting until next week to begin Latin.

On Tuesday, we went to the Science Center to see the planetarium, as well as learn about archaeology:


Since we’re restarting the four-year history cycle this year, our history studies this week focused on what history is, why we study it, and what archeologists do. When we were at the art museum, I found this fun little “excavating history,” kit, which allowed the children to pretend they were archaeologists, and dig out and brush off a sculpture. It was a lot more work than any of us expected to free the Greek athlete from the plaster, and I think we all learned that I am not patient enough to be an archeologist, as I went in search of the hammer after a while!

I think we got the new school year off to a good start! Next week will be a bit more ordinary as we stay home and settle into our full routine, but it was fun getting out and doing some interesting thing the first week of school!

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