2013-14 Curriculum

I just realized that I haven’t yet shared our curriculum for this school year! I assembled it myself again this year, since last year seemed to go pretty well.  Hopefully I haven’t forgotten anything here, but no promises!



Language Arts

For Turkey and Bunny:

For Ladybug:




Read-Alouds (Anything we don’t get to will go in the book basket)

Book Basket (This is just a selection of some our book basket options, and some of them might turn into read-alouds)

3 thoughts on “2013-14 Curriculum

  1. It’s fascinating to see the connection to our own school work. Thanks to our involvement with our co-op, I recognize many of those. We’re doing Story of the World Vol. 4 this year with co-op. It sounds like you’re all headed for a great year!

    • I’m loving SOTW! This is the first year we’ve used it…we were using a different curriculum our first time through the history cycle. I’m having to add to it a bit, to make it challenging enough for the two fifth graders, but they still love the stories in the book. And the mapwork has been very helpful to me in visualizing the history!

      • I love the encouragement to use timelines too. We’re planning to put ours up as soon as we get settled. It’s been interesting. If only my fifth grader would be a little more excited about it and a little less blah about anything like school.

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