An Oft-Asked Question

For the last, oh, nine years or so, I’ve often been asked a variation on the same question when I’m out and about with the children: “Are they twins?”

Obviously, this question was first directed toward Turkey and Bunny, and it’s understandable…I often call them my “almost twins,” even though they were born 16 months apart. The question has gotten more complicated over the years, however, as we’ve added more children, and they’ve all gotten bigger. While it’s still most often Turkey and Bunny that people wonder about, I have also heard it about Bunny and Moose, and Moose and Ladybug. Once, I was even inexplicably asked if the oldest three were triplets!

Most often now, people are vague, and just ask, “Any twins in your bunch?” And people are still usually surprised by my answer of “no.” They usually follow up their initial question by grilling me and/or the children on their ages. To be fair, all of our children have a very similar look, and the heights they’re at right now make it difficult to discern their birth order just by looking, especially for the oldest three. At any rate, after a nosey individual finds out the children’s ages, I get the standard, “Wow, you have your hands full!” or “You must be busy!” responses (and those are the nice things people have said to me!).

I guess Chickadee is the lucky one…no one could mistake her for being anyone’s twin!

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